Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom Ltd. (Manx: Chellinsh Vannin) is the primary provider of broadband and telecommunications on the Isle of Man.

Publicly Traded
1st January 1987

Systems integration project:

Major broadband/telecoms company gains systems integration platform

Manx Telecom is the primary provider of broadband and telecommunications on the Isle of Man. We were approached, in March 2018, to build integration between their existing systems and new cloud applications.


Manx Telecom were in the middle of a Digital Transformation - designed to improve the efficiency of their business and the service they were able to provide to their customers. Part of this efficiency project involved the commissioning of two cloud applications: ServiceNow for service management and incident response, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a sales pipeline.

Senior stakeholders didn't want their teams having to use multiple systems, as such, the new cloud applications required access to data held in Manx Telecoms existing Cerrillion system. We were asked to build an integration platform to facilitate this.

Our Brief

  • Provide integration between:
  • Build a platform that could be handed over to Manx Telecom's internal teams to support and maintain
  • Build a platform onto which more functionality could be added in the future
  • Support Manx Telecom's vision for staff to have real-time, controlled access to the data they need through a single application (Dynamics for Sales, ServiceNow for Customer & Field Services)
  • Maintain their deeply ingrained CRM system, Cerillion, as the master of existing data

“Our initial approach (as ever) was to understand their business – and discover any issues holding them back”


  • Mistrust of contractors
    Manx Telecom had been let down by previous contractors failing to deliver solutions that actually met their needs and, as a result they were hesitant to trust contractors
  • Unclear integration requirements (a common problem)
    The teams at Manx Telecom responsible for the new systems, were, at first, unclear of what they wanted to achieve through integration

“Every business has unique problems – that’s why we only build tailored solutions”

Our Solution

  • Engaged with Manx Telecoms internal teams to understand their systems and processes, their concerns, potential impediments, and the outcomes they wanted
  • Worked with external teams responsible for the implementations of ServiceNow and Dynamics to understand the data they needed and design the integrations
  • Built a platform using technologies familiar to Manx Telecom's internal development team (Dotnet Core, Mass Transit, RabbitMq and Docker)
  • Documented in detail ‘all’ aspects of the system – ‘all’ crucial decisions made - and the reasons ‘why’ we made them

Outcomes for Manx Telecom

Effective integration with best-of-breed cloud solutions has allowed Manx Telecom to secure their future ability to innovate, improved the effectiveness of their teams and reduced the opportunity for human error whilst maintaining a deeply ingrained system.

  • Bespoke integration platform
    Real-time, omnidirectional communication between Cerillion, ServiceNow and Dynamics
  • Confidence in their data
    Users are confident the information they see is accurate and up to date regardless of the system they're using (rather than a spreadsheet extract that's several days old)
  • Single pane of glass for users
    Users can complete their work in a single application - new systems (ServiceNow and Dynamics) can easily query and update Cerillion using new APIs
  • Built using technologies they knew
    Manx Telecom's developers have been able to start building on the new platform immediately because they already used the technologies
  • A extendable and maintainable, documented solution
    The extensive documentation we provided will allow Manx Telecom to support an build upon the platform with minimal support

We completed a successful ‘in person’ handover and maintain a fully available relationship should any queries or issues arise.

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